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Pollution is no longer a taboo subject in any country, it is a real threat to all the mankind and people are getting educated, starting with early ages in school, what is good and bad for the environment and what we should do and shouldn’t do to protect our planet. Aside from that, authorities and companies are taking their own safety measures by creating new phone applications to tell every resident what is the level of pollution in their city or town.

A Pollution Index App can be of great help in preventing the population to get sick and suffer from health problems just by indicating, in real time the quality of air and the pollution levels each hour, with advices on what should be done in each case. It may not seem like a big deal for some people but for those who live in the big cities with great nuclear activity and increased population, such an app can be a life savior.

The Asian continent is the most crowded place, by population and human settlements and it is only natural that it would be very preoccupied with the quality of their air they breathe. So much population needs many plants and factories, machines and equipment for agriculture, to produce energy and heat and to sustain all the other needs of a still increasing population and that leads to a rapid pollution of the air.

It is everyone’s responsibility to care for the environment
While the big corporations with industrial activity that can damage the environment are first in the line of the guilty ones for the pollution of the air, there are many ways for an individual to preserve the nature around him and contribute to the protection of the environment. Indeed it is a good idea and if each and every single person on this planet would watch out for what they use as cleaners or what they eat and how often they use their cars, real results would be seen and quite fast but that is hard because we depend on most of the devices we own to help us live a better life and help us save time for ourselves and our families and it hard to give them up. An even better and doable idea would be to reduce their use to only when absolutely necessary, like instead of going to the supermarket every day with the car, we could go once a week or once at every 2 weeks and stock up for a longer period of time. We could also switch to the solar power which wouldn’t deprive us of anything that we don’t already use or do but that it is still a long way ahead, also see this China air quality app.

Maybe so far, we’ve looked for excuses on not to contribute to our environment’s protection but the best part about the pollution index app is that it can constantly raise awareness among the people who get its alerts and warnings daily. This could prove to be a very important first step in reducing the pollution level in each country.