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If you care about your smartphone or tablet then you know the fear that comes when you think your device is going to fall and break. Even shallow and relatively small scratches can be highly annoying if you use your device regularly throughout the day.Then there’s the fact that these aren’t cheap devices, where small repairs aren’t cheap and a total replacement can get expensive. So if you want to keep your phone or tablet in good condition read on.

Invest in a case to keep it safe. This is one of the biggest things you can do, the companies that make phones do their best to make sure that their phones are durable but there are other concerns like how light it is and how it looks. Your phone may look nice and sleek but that design may come at an increased risk of screen damage if it’s dropped. If you have a screen that can put just a little bit of room between the screen and the world around it that can make all the difference if it falls out of your hand. Spending $20 on a good iPhone 4s case can help you save $100 on an iPhone 4s screen replacement.

Practice good habits so you don’t put your device at risk. A case can help a lot but if you want to keep your device in good condition for as long as you possibly can then you need to treat it right yourself. That means making sure that you don’t keep it in your pocket with other sharp objects, hold it tightly when using it, and make sure that if you put it down you put it in locations where nothing is likely to drop on it and it isn’t likely to drop off.

If any damage does occur get your screen replaced by a professional as soon as possible. Even if you do your best to prevent screen damage it can still occur. There’s no way to prevent all the risks that are out there with 100% certainty, which is why you need to have a backup plan. If you do notice your screen has a small crack it’s tempting to keep using it anyways. After all, if you’re looking at a small one why bother spending money on a replacement? But the fact is that small cracks can get bigger, and damage may go beyond the screen if the crack gets big enough. That’s how a proper iPhone 6 screen repair can save you from having to replace your whole phone later on.

The emphasis on taking care of your phone and replacing it is making the right investments. If you’ve got a Samsung S3, for example, then you want to purchase a case made for the S3 and pay for servicing from a company that’s certified to work perform a Samsung S3 screen replacement. It’s tempting to go with the cheapest option you can find but this may lead to higher costs down the road. If you care about your device then do what it takes to protect it.