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There might be a few health risks but do these health risks in any way outweigh the positives? That is for you to decide but what cannot be disputed are the benefits of having a cell phone or a mobile handset at your disposal. Even the poorest towns and cities in the world have some sort of phone which they can use to get into contact with whomever they like and this is just one piece of evidence which proves the importance of the devices. Clearly, the cell phone has become an integral part of modern day life and is one of the most important inventions of a generation – leaving the house without your cell is like going out with any pants on, it is ludicrous. But what are the advantages which makes the cell phone so much a part of everyday life? Here are just a few reasons why they have permeated every part of culture and society wherever you go.
The internet is just as important as a cell phone such is the digital age we live in. information is now just a few clicks away and can be found within an instant. The next time you go on Google just check at the top of the page how quickly it found the results. Aside from Google showing off it is another piece of the puzzle which shows just why and it is so important so put the two together and you get a device which is almost indestructible, if the word indestructible changed it’s meaning completely! The point to take from all this is that a phone will always keep you connected and you will always have the world at your fingertips when you have a handset tucked safely away in your pocket. So, don’t sell your mobile phone!
Apart from being always connected you will always have an easy source of communication at your disposal as well. These two facets combined can be vital in any situation you find yourself in. Heaven forbid you ever find yourself in an emergency where you need to call the emergency services but if you do then the time that it saves you ringing them from your cell can be a life saver. Just imagine having to knock on someone’s door or running to the nearest phone box. Another reason to never sell your mobile phone.
Finally, they are always in demand so they always have the potential to make you money. It might not be a lot or it might be a fair few bucks depending on your situation, but whatever the weather it is there to help you out of a sticky situation.
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