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Mobile is an expensive and delicate property as well. Thus, it is necessary to have iphone 6 screen repairs certain norms and policies regarding the protection of mobile phones. Like land, motor vehicles and other electronic devices, you can also have a mobile cover insurance policy. Many of us are unaware of this fact and even if we know about it, we do not have complete details regarding these policies. Thus, it is essential to read all the rules and regulations as well as terms and conditions before buying a handset as different companies offer different policies. Thus, you can avoid frauds and lies by the mobile companies.

The mobile insurance policy offers cover against some of the circumstances such as fire, Theft, accident, Riot, terrorist activities. These covers does not include covers against sudden disappearance, mechanical breakdown, overloading and experimental conditions leading to abnormal working conditions, loss by water, damage due to intention. The insurance companies do not offer full compensation but they offer for the replacement or provide you with the cost equivalent to the mobile phone repairs service.
Also the premiums related to these policies are equal to the cost of replacement by new mobile of same specification including taxes. Thus, premium increases with the time period and current rates. Thus, if a phone costs 7,000 initially and now it costs 5,000. Self insuring can also do the trick. You will have to put money in top savings account instead of paying for insurance. In some case, you have to pay insurance even if it is stated under the home insurance. Therefore you will have to look properly before reading the terms of signing a cover insurance policy. Sometimes, it is also included in premium account cover policy where your account includes insurance on your personal belongings. It depends on the customer whether he wants to buy a brand new handset by paying some amount or go for a iPhone repair services at Melbourne CBD.
Further, never try to fool around the mobile companies as this can lead to cancellation of your policy. People often lie to companies saying that they have lost their handset or it was stolen. This fraud rarely works because you need to contact your network provide after it is lost and further IMEI number can be tracked easily, thus the location of the mobile can be easily known. Do not ever lie about the mobile phone being stolen as you will have to file a report against this and give crime reference number to the insurance provider. Thus false statement is a criminal offence.